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Katie Dunkley

I am a marine behavioural ecologist who's research aims to understand the dynamics of animal interactions and ecological networks. 

2019 - 2015 

NERC GW4+ DTP PhD, Cardiff University 

2015 - 2014

MSc Animal Behaviour, University of Exeter

2012 - 2009

BSc Marine Biology, University of Plymouth


Current Project 

My current work questions how different species are intertwined across different interaction types (e.g. cooperation, competition and predation) and how these multiple relationships contribute to

the health and stability of ecosystems. I am using the latest methods in machine learning to construct

a reef-based ecological network which will render a conservation tool to study the structure and resilience of reef ecosystems.


I am currently based at the University of Cambridge as Christ's College Charles Darwin

and Galapagos Islands Fund Junior Research Fellow. 

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