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"Plants and animals, most remote in the scale of nature, are bound together by a web of complex relations" 
On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin (1859)

Charles Darwin

and Galapagos Islands Fund

Junior Research FelloW

cHRIST's cOLLEGE, University of cAMBRIDGE


1st October 2020 - 3Oth September 2024 

I will use the latest methods in machine learning, an artificial intelligence (AI) method, to construct a reef-based ecological network, which will provide a conservation tool to study the structure and resilience of reef ecosystems.


Following in Darwin’s footsteps, this work will focus on the interactions that occur on the reefs of the Galapagos. By characterising and quantifying the ecological network of Galapagos reefs, which host an unbelievable diversity and abundance of reef species, we can substantially enhance our knowledge of reef ecology while informing local, regional and global conservation practices.

Project partners

Marine Behavioural Ecology Group

University of Cambridge

Latest news & Updates

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